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Extra Effort

“Sincere thanks for your extra effort put forth in our business relationship – it was deeply appreciated.”

– A.E.

A Sight To Watch

“Mr Price's calm, demeanor, his knowledge of the law, coupled with his ability to present calm in a storm, and direct the negotiations, was truly a sight to watch.”

– Ann - 3/2/12

Best Interest At Heart

“It was very nice to work with someone who cared about the way the divorce was handled and had mine and my family's best interest at heart.”

– Anonymous - 2/8/17

Easy To Work With

“Mr. Price was very thorough in his research on my case. He presented every angle and really thought of ideas that I never considered. He is very easy to work with and has a kind personality.” 

– Anonymous - 5/13/13


“Just a note of thanks for all your help with our legal matters as well as our financial situation.”

– C.C. & F. C.

Thank You

“Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

– C.D.

Hard Work and Kindness

“This is just a small card but it contains a huge ‘THANK YOU' for all of your hard work that you have done for me. Your kindness has been overwhelming and very helpful to me in my recovery. I never expected to meet someone like you but I feel very blessed to have you on my side. I wish there were more people like you in this world. GOD BLESS.”

– C.P.

Reconciliation through Collaboration

“Dick– I want to thank you for the courtesies you have extended me. As I indicated, through the use of ‘collaboration” my wife of 29 years and I have reached agreements that will allow our marriage to remain intact, hopefully forever.”

– D.C.

Thank You

“I can't thank you enough for your efforts in getting me through the courthouse on my divorce. The resources of your office and your professional knowledge really pulled me through.”

– D.D.

Child Custody Hearing

“Thank you so much for helping me through the child custody hearing, you are a life saver. I will definitely use and recommend you for any of mine and my friends' needs.”

– D.W.

Looking Forward to New Life

“Thanks for your help and support Dick – I'm looking forward to my new life.”

– E.B.

Thank You

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help my family. If ever I need counsel again the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I would be pleased if you would represent me or my family. Thanks again.”

– E.E.

I Feel Cared For

“Thank you so much for your help & understanding during my divorce. … I hope you know how much I appreciate your support. I feel cared for by you both. Thank you so much.”

– G.S.

I Will Continue to Refer Business to You

“I have referred a number of people to you over the past couple of years….I will always be grateful for the professional and kind way you handled my sister's case during a truly difficult time for the whole family. I will continue to refer business your way because I respect the kind of attorney you showed yourself to be.”

– G.S., Fort Worth

Thanks from an Attorney

“I hope we have concluded this rather nasty matter to an acceptable degree for our clients. I think both of us would have had a very difficult time if this matter had gone to trial. It was only through your determination that we have one more negotiating session that we were able to conclude the matter for which you deserve thanks from all of us.”

– J.K., Fort Worth

I Appreciate Your Help

“Thank you so much for helping me….Words can't express how much I appreciate your help.”

– J.P.

Very Efficient

“He listens and consults with what you and your love ones have in mind. He is very efficient and does not extend the process to gain extra fees.”

– Jessica - 10/15/18


“I can't find the right words to express my gratitude towards you for helping me on my divorce case. But a thank you so much I hope means a lot to you. I know God will provide to you with his blessing…”

– K.M.

Highest Recommendation

“I cannot say thank you enough for all his help. I can offer my highest recommendation to anyone who is facing divorce. This attorney really does care.”

– Linda - 1/3/17

Article in the Star Telegram

“Read the article about you in the Star Telegram. Congratulations!”

– M.A.

Thank You for Me and My Son

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you, and your office, have done for me and my son. You cannot know how grateful I am for the opportunity to provide a better life for [my son].”

– P.C.

Help and Patience

“Thanks for your help and your patience. I know you gave me more than I paid for.”

– R.B.

Understanding & Generosity

“Thank you so much for all of your help – and many thanks for your understanding & generosity!”

– R.D.

Timeliness, Professionalism and Compassion

“I just wanted to thank you for the timeliness, professionalism and compassion with which you handled my divorce. As I said previously, I am certain you have probably seen it all before, yet you still managed to make my situation feel personal.

– R.G.

Understanding and Helpfulness

“I thank you very much for the manner in which you handled this entire problem – and your understanding and helpfulness.”

– R.T.

Thanks from a San Diego Attorney

“Thank you for processing the paperwork and finally getting this matter concluded. I thank you for your efforts, courtesy, and cooperation throughout this matter, especially given the geographical differences and the differing state laws in the domestic relations area. I am sure that having out of state counsel created substantial use of your time in coordinating things which would normally not have been necessary with local counsel. The fairness in which I was treated by you in this proceeding will be remembered and I am at your service would you need any assistance out this way.” 

– S.M., San Diego

Discussing My Situation

“I just wanted to thank you for meeting with me to discuss my [situation]. Thank you for your advice. I believe you were right with respect to weighing the outcome with the stress! I truly appreciated your time.”

– S.P.

My Son and I are Grateful

“Thank you so much for all your help. [My son] and I both are so grateful to you and feel you are truly a blessing from God. For us it is a wonderful feeling to know there is someone who is willing to help us. If it had not been for you I don't know what we would do. Thank you so much for all you have done. You are a great person, thank you.”

– T.L.

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