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Tarrant Collaborative Law and Divorce Blog

Holiday Planning Around the Kids

Holiday season is sometimes difficult for divorced or divorcing parents, especially if there are kids involved. It’s hard to not have your children for a holiday, especially if you are used to always having them around.

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Selling the Dream (House)!

For many families facing divorce, the house equity is one of the two biggest assets to be divided. Aside from the monetary value of the house, there is often an emotional attachment to the house. For whatever reason, the disposition of a house can be a contentious issue.

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How Quickly Can We Get This Done?

The following comments are based on “average” Collaborative cases in Tarrant County, Texas, and should not be considered any guarantee of specific timing or outcomes of Collaborative cases. In plain English, every case is different, so we can’t predict your outcome or timing.

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Can Collaborative Law Work for A Custody Case?

Is Collaborative Law only good for the easy cases? NO! It actually provides a process and expertise adapted to child custody conflicts.

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Happy New Year?

Maybe it's time to get serious about addressing family issues. Now that we are past the holidays, it may be time for a fresh start if you are convinced you can't fix your family situation

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