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Client Forms

Hand holding pen over papersClient Forms

  • Download the Goals form as a PDF

The Goals section is to help clients figure out what's really important and what they want to end up with. Instead of just asking for 50% of everything or taking some other random position, we try to focus on the most important concerns of our clients. Filling out the form helps clients think through their choices so we can have a meaningful discussion of goals, needs and interests. We use this in Collaborative cases and in Litigation.

  • Download the Financial Overview form as a PDF

The Financial Overview helps identify assets and liabilities that we need to deal with in property division. It will be the guide as you start to gather information on finances.

  • Download the New Client Information Sheet for Consultation as a PDF

This is a form we ask every client to fill out. All of the information is used at some point in our representation.

  • Download the Preparation for Consultation form as a PDF

This is often helpful for new prospective clients preparing to come in for the first meeting with us.