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Philosophy of Practice

Two people sitting at desk writing on papersOver the years, we have developed our preferred ways to handle divorce and family law cases. Different lawyers take different approaches to their work and we want you to know what factors are important to us. If you are looking for a divorce or family law attorney in Tarrant County, you should make sure the attorney is a good fit with your expectations or preferences. We may or may not be right for you.

Here are some characteristics you might notice with us:

  • We limit our practice to family law matters, but we have excellent referral resources for almost any type of legal issue almost anywhere. With 35 years of experience, previously handling a variety of civil and criminal cases in addition to family law, we can answer many questions for you and don't mind doing so. For most other matters, we can easily refer you to another excellent attorney, and we are happy to do so.

  • We limit the number of cases we handle. We are a small firm. We focus on cases where we can be especially helpful to a client and where there seems to be good chemistry and communication. We want to be able to provide individual attention and search for creative solutions to problems.

  • As one of the first practitioners of Collaborative Law in Texas, we are proud of the growth and acceptance experienced by Collaborative Law here. We are part of a group of attorneys who are trained in Collaborative Law in Tarrant County. We actively promote Collaborative Divorce to our clients and other parties.

  • Listening is something we do a lot of at the initial meetings we have with clients and throughout our representation. It's a skill that must be learned and one that is rarely used enough. Listening attentively is necessary at any meeting one-on-one with you to help us learn about you, your situation and your hopes for the future.

  • We help you discover a range of options and the opportunity to choose from several different possibilities. The emphasis is on creating new solutions to fit our client's needs, rather than just taking one of the standard choices.

  • We think long-term. We focus on the significant, underlying issues and help you find solutions that will last. It may take a while to get matters resolved, but we work with you to create lasting, custom solutions.

  • We want you involved every step of the way. We want and expect our clients to take an active role in their cases. If you want to just turn over your case to an attorney and have the attorney make all the decisions, you should look elsewhere.

  • Flexibility is fundamental for us: Some clients want us to communicate a lot and we interact with them extensively; others want to do as much for themselves as they can. From the beginning, we try to understand your orientation and goals so that we can provide appropriate help.

  • Willingness to innovate helps us find effective new solutions to problems. After practicing family law in Tarrant County for more than 35 years, we still encourage new ideas.

  • Knowledge is a key to effectively navigating the family court system. As a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law, we understand how the law applies in various situations, but we also recognize that persistence and innovation are important qualities for a Texas family law attorney.

  • We explore the facts to get below the surface and find out what the underlying problems are. That way, we have a much greater chance of creating solutions that are appropriate and effective. One reason why we don't like to give advice over the phone to non-clients is that reliance on brief, superficial information is dangerous because it can lead to taking the wrong actions.

  • We focus on what is important. When an appointment is made, we make every effort to immediately send information forms and some paperwork about defining your goals, needs and interests. It is very helpful to think about them and write down ideas about goals. It sometimes takes a while to distill and clarify the goals, so we encourage clients to work on them before our first meeting.

  • We enjoy innovation and creativity. We constantly read about Family Law issues and attend extensive continuing legal education classes every year. We also write papers and teach on various topics. All of that helps us explore new ideas and ways to help clients.

  • We also provide a wide range of procedural options for you and help you consider a variety of choices of methods for resolving issues. Our clients aren't stuck in the same old standard approach or response.

  • Instead of spending a lot of time on the standard guidelines for support and visitation and the usual ways of doing things, we emphasize your freedom of choice, help you generate options and focus on the big picture involved in your case.

We are proud of our innovations and the top-quality service we provide to clients.

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