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Referrals to Professionals from an Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Person with laptop and pen with papersProfessionals for Post-Divorce Assistance

Whether the divorce was completed using Collaborative Law, mediation, litigation or some other approach or combination of approaches, having a signed final decree of divorce does not heal all wounds or end the stress of transitioning from being married to being single again. In many cases, people benefit by working with professionals in different fields who are experienced in dealing with the issues that often arise.

We can help you find appropriate assistance in the following categories of professional issues:

  • Personal counselors: They can help you through the grieving process, which everyone goes through in divorce, or help you or your children deal with your new situation. Even if you think you are handling things well, you would likely benefit from a few sessions to help in your transition.

  • Life coaches: They are not therapists, but they help people determine what they want to accomplish and then the best way to accomplish it. They can help you plan the next stage of your life and keep on track.

  • Financial planners: There are different types of financial planners. We can help you find someone appropriate for your financial needs and abilities. Some clients have to take on management responsibilities that they don't know about and haven't dealt with before. It helps to have someone on your side when determining how to manage your income, assets and liabilities. Many people appreciate having an expert help them plan for retirement or save on taxes.

Divorce Often Requires More Than Just an Attorney
  • Parenting programs: Many free or low-cost classes on parenting and co-parenting are available, some through the court system and some private. Experienced specialists in parenting issues are also available to meet and work with one parent or both parents. It is so important to “get it right” about the kids, that each parent should put in extra time and effort now to be able to receive the benefit of great relationships later, and to make sure your kids get their best possible start in life.

  • Employment options: We can refer you to some specialists who help people decide on career options and transition into or out of the workforce.

  • CPA: We know and recommend several CPAs who can help with your financial and tax issues.

  • Free seminars and programs: Periodically, we hear about free programs of various types for clients and we are happy to pass along that information to people who are interested.