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Marital Assessment Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

Kid holding a wooden cutout of a familyTo provide a comprehensive overview of divorce issues and a realistic analysis of possibilities, we provide a unique service we call a Marital Assessment. It is unique in several ways:

  1. There is no time limit on the meeting. We work as long as we need to so all questions are answered.

  2. We gather facts in depth from you, review documents and suggest areas to explore.

  3. We provide information to you about the issues related to your case.

  4. If you have children, we discuss various ways to protect them from the adults' actions so we can minimize the impact of the court system on them.

  5. We help define and then focus on your most important concerns and needs. We help you come up with unique approaches to achieve your goals and meet your needs and interests.

  6. We discuss the procedural options for you to consider.

  7. You will be quoted a flat fee for this service, regardless of how long we spend working through the issues with you. We plan to answer all your questions and provide abundant written materials. We will also provide a record of the discussion.

Schedule Your Marital Assessment

We will also provide information about how to choose an attorney. This session is an opportunity, without further obligation, for you to learn about how we operate and for us to learn about you and your case. We can each decide whether it would be appropriate and beneficial for us to work with you on your divorce case. That decision can be made after careful thought on both sides.

If you would like to discuss the marital assessment further, schedule an initial consultation with Dick Price by contacting our office.