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Case Studies

Teenage Kids, Visitation and a House

The parties sold their old house and were able to find two appropriate houses close to each other so the kids could easily go back and forth on their own schedules. The parents ended up letting the kids decide where they wanted to be and how long they would stay.

As many parents discover, teenage kids often manage their own schedules. They have school, extracurricular and social activities, and some work. Parents can't just demand the kids comply with an arbitrary schedule.  Not even when families are intact. When families split and there are teenage kids, their thoughts and plans need to be taken into account. The Collaborative process, working with a neutral therapist or child specialist, encourages flexibility in sharing time with teenage kids.

Not every couple can sell a house and buy two more, but they can work with a team to find non-traditional ways to meet with needs and abilities of the family. 

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