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Case Studies

Stay at Home Mom, Alimony and Pilot Husband

Mom needed to start a new career and needed some spousal support to help her get started in a career. Dad had an ever-changing work schedule and the parties had to come to an agreement on sharing possession time with the kids. The neutral therapist helped the parties see that there were many ways to share time with the children. She helped them create an agreement that worked with the pilot's often changing work schedule.

As  in many divorces, there was some sparring over the kids at first, but the therapist helped reduce the tensions and get the parents working together as co-parents. Husband could afford to pay alimony to Wife, but he also had to change his spending a little. He had to make sure he could cover the debt service, pay the alimony and his own living expenses. Wife had to adjust by reducing her spending substantially until she could be self-supporting. Having the neutral financial advisor was very helpful for both parties.

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