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Case Studies

Scheduling, Children's Activities and Sharing the Children's Expenses

Two professionals with busy schedules had to figure out how to make decisions on which activities they wanted the children to participate in. Plus, they had to decide how much each should contribute toward the costs of agreed activities.

Husband and Wife were both good parents and very involved with the children. 

This was worked out using a team. We had a neutral therapist working on the children issues, such as taking the children after school, taking the kids to their activities, helping with homework, doctor's visits, dentists, weekend activities, etc. Plus, sometimes one or the other of the parents had to work late and couldn't pick up the kids.  Both parents were open to new ideas and that really helped.

Our neutral financial advisor helped the parties work out a budget and cash flow analysis for each parent post divorce. That helped them make realistic financial decisions. They came to agreements on child support and then sharing expenses for the kids' many activities. Although they didn't have a perfect post-divorce relationship, they did work together well for the kids' sake. 

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