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New Tarrant County Family Courts’ Rule on Electronic Devices

There's an important new rule that the Tarrant County Family Law Courts are enforcing.

Everyone entering a courtroom must make sure that all electronic devices are turned off. That includes phones, smart phones, computers, electronic readers and any other electronic devices.

The rule applies to attorneys, parties and witnesses. It also applies to the audience.

Apparently, there have been some secret recordings made of court proceedings which were then published on the Internet, which is obviously easy to to. Most likely, the recordings were intended to embarrass or harass the other party, or maybe to influence other witnesses. Also as we all know, recordings can be manipulated and distorted. There is no legitimate need to make those personal court proceedings even more public than they are.

The posting of the recordings, audio or video, in the future will have serious consequences to whoever participates in the recording or posting.

Attorneys will have to ask permission to be able to turn phones or computers back on, and they are still subject to the no-recording rule.

For good cause, which is up to the Judge to decide, a party might be able to turn a phone or computer on, but the no-recording rule remains in effect.

For what it's worth, you can still talk about what happened in court, after it's over, unless the Judge places some restrictions on the parties. Nevertheless, it would be wise to think before you speak. Whatever you say can and will be used against you!