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Case Studies

Husband Affair, Stay-at-Home Mom, Alimony and Visitation Schedule

Husband had had an affair and wife knew about it. Wife chose to take the high road and focus on the future, rather than fight over the past.

The finances got resolved after they worked with the neutral financial professional. They had many goals in common once they got past the emotional issues.  Husband was generous with alimony to help Wife get started with a career after she had been a stay-at-home Mom. The property was divided in ways that were satisfactory to each party and their long-term goals.

Husband traveled somewhat unpredictably, but they were able to agree to be flexible with the possession schedule for the children. Mom would keep her role as the primary caregiver, but was willing for Husband to have the kids when he was in town. Throughout the divorce, they were able to work together to minimize the effects on the children.

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