Divorce Options

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a relatively new process to resolve family law matters out of court. The parties and their attorneys in a family law case agree to work together or “collaborate” to create a customized solution to a family law matter, usually a divorce. The parties and attorneys agree from the beginning to not go to court to resolve issues. Instead, they have a series of short meetings where information is gathered and shared, issues are analyzed and solutions are created. The parties share expenses by jointly hiring experts, as needed. The sessions are private and the result usually is an agreement that meets the special needs of the parties while preserving a relationship between the parties. The parties control the timing and terms of the agreement. Click here to learn more about Collaborative Law as a process for divorce.


Mediation is a settlement process where a neutral 3rd party, the Mediator, works with both parties to come to an agreement. The Mediator does not make any decisions or rulings. Instead, the Mediator works with both sides to help them reach a compromise that can be acceptable to both parties. Click here to learn more about using Mediation in your divorce.

Litigated Divorce

A litigated divorce, also known as a traditional divorce, is the most popular method for divorce in Texas. One side files for a divorce and usually serves papers on the other party. A temporary hearing is usually held to set up orders for while the divorce is pending. It usually takes about a year to get a contested divorce in Tarrant County. It often is resolved through mediation, but that most often occurs late in the process. Learn more about getting started with the process of a traditional divorce.

DIY Divorce

A do-it-yourself divorce is an option if there are no children involved, and there are few assets. If you want to handle things yourself, but are open to suggestions, we are happy to meet with you, try to understand your situation and help you prepare the paperwork correctly. Contact us to set up an initial meeting.

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