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Did You Notify the State Case Registry?

An often-overlooked part of a Texas divorce decree or other order involving children is a brief requirement, usually close to the end of the order, that the parties keep the State Case Registry apprised of their current:

home, mailing and work addresses, the name of their employer, home and work phone numbers, and driver's license number.

All of that information should be sent to the following address:

State Case Registry Contract Services Section MC 046S P.O. Box 12017 Austin, Texas 78711-2017

Plus, the information should also be sent immediately to the other parties in the case and to the Court. You can usually send the Court's information to the Clerk of the Court.

Any time there is a change in any of the listed information, the updated information should be sent to the Registry, the other parties and the Court.

If you have questions about whether to send in changes in the listed information, you can contact your attorney or you can just send the information.