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Collaborative Divorce

Are you looking for a peaceful, less-stressful way to get a divorce?

Are you facing divorce after  a long-term marriage? You may not hate your spouse and you may even want to remain friends, but you have heard how destructive divorces can be.  Would you prefer to divorce with dignity for all, including your children?

Do you want to keep your personal life private, especially when going through a divorce? Are there certain details you or your spouse would prefer to keep confidential? Do you want your business and financial details kept private?

Collaborative Divorce is a process used to help people peacefully divorce without going to court. It is still a fairly new and unknown process, so if you don't know much about it, that's not surprising.

If You Are Considering (or Facing) a Divorce, Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Consider Using the Collaborative process:

  • Is privacy important to you? Maybe because of your position in the community or your career, you don't want your personal issues aired in public. Business or financial concerns also warrant keeping information private. You may not even want the world to know that you are getting divorced.  Maybe you don't want to testify in public at the courthouse. There are many reasons why you might want a private divorce.
  • Do you want to control the timing? While you can't control every detail, you can prevent the Court from arbitrarily imposing schedules on you while the divorce is pending. You  have a 2-year window to complete the divorce — not that you would normally need that much time.
  • Do you want control over the decision-making? Would you prefer to make your own decisions, with your spouse, or just let a Judge do it?
  • Do you want a standard guidelines visitation schedule?  Or would you prefer to create a customized plan to meet your needs as well as coordinating with your spouse's schedule and the kids' plans.
  • Would you like expert help making a parenting plan? Sometimes, it's difficult to know how to share time and responsibilities for children. Having a neutral expert help should lead to more satisfactory plans.
  • Do you completely trust your spouse? If not, would you like a neutral expert overseeing the gathering of financial records?  Would you also feel better knowing that both parties, at the outset, have agreed to be open, honest and cooperative in sharing information?  Would you also feel better knowing that both attorneys have an obligation to make sure all necessary information is shared?
  • Do you completely understand your finances? Would it help to have a neutral financial expert who can explain things to you?
  • Would you like expert help in coming up with financial options in dividing the assets?  You will find out there are many ways to slice a pie.
  • Would you prefer to not have to go to Court?  With the Collaborative Divorce process, we work outside the courts and only go at the end for an agreed prove-up. In litigated cases, there are usually multiple court hearings and appearances.
  • Would you like a less-stressful method of getting divorced? You can have a more civilized process, without the personal attacks on the other party.
  • Would you like to be heard by your spouse? When was the last time that happened? Sometimes people forget how to listen to their spouse. We work on communication skills in Collaborative cases.

To get a good understanding of Collaborative Divorce, you should meet in person with a trained Collaborative attorney.

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What it really comes down to is what kind of experience do you want to have?

Do you want to participate in civilized, organized, relatively-short meetings or go through a number of court hearings, threats, pleadings and Discovery?

If there's not much conflict in a litigated case, you probably won't have too many hearings, but you won't have the privacy, neutral experts or control over the timing that you get automatically with Collaborative Law.

We handle Collaborative cases for clients who live throughout Tarrant and Parker Counties.

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