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Case Studies

Are you wondering if we have had experience with your type of case? That's always a good question to ask.

To address that issue, we have listed several short case studies. They cover some interesting cases and issues we have handled mostly as Collaborative divorces. We learn new things  with every case.

So here are some interesting issues we have dealt with. Obviously, most of my cases are not shown here. This is a sample.  I will add some more over time, but you can see from these that the Collaborative teams have been beneficial in many ways.

  • Career Change, Relocation, Sharing Parenting Time

    Couple of professionals who worked for the same company for several years. They have two young children. We had to resolve issues about a career change for one party, a dispute over where the parties (and children) could live and how two very active parents could share time with the kids. Read On

  • Scheduling, Children's Activities and Sharing the Children's Expenses

    Two professionals with busy schedules had to figure out how to make decisions on which activities they wanted the children to participate in. Plus, they had to decide how much each should contribute toward the costs of agreed activities. Read On

  • Stay at Home Mom, Alimony and Pilot Husband

    Mom needed to start a new career and needed some spousal support to help her get started in a career. Dad had an ever-changing work schedule and the parties had to come to an agreement on sharing possession time with the kids. Read On

  • Teenage Kids, Visitation and a House

    The parties sold their old house and were able to find two appropriate houses close to each other so the kids could easily go back and forth on their own schedules. The parents ended up letting the kids decide where they wanted to be and how long they would stay. Read On

  • Husband Affair, Stay-at-Home Mom, Alimony and Visitation Schedule

    Can you use Collaborative Law to settle a divorce where there has been an affair? YES, it happens frequently. Here, the husband had had an affair and wife knew about it. Wife chose to take the high road and focus on the future, rather than fight over the past. Husband was generous with alimony to help her get started with a career after she had been a stay-at-home Mom. Husband traveled somewhat unpredictably, but ... Read On

  • Wife Affair, Alimony and Visitation Schedule

    Wife had had an affair and Husband found out about it. After some difficult negotiations, the parties agreed on how to share time with the kids and avoided a custody fight. Wife got alimony and Husband got a flexible possession schedule. Read On

  • Long-Term Marriage, Husband Came Out as Gay and Visitation Schedule

    The couple dated in college and got married after graduation. Both had been very active in their conservative church. They quietly worked out the property division and then created a plan to share time with the kids. They also worked out a safe, appropriate plan to explain the situation to the ch... Read On

  • Long-Term Marriage, Wife Came Out, Professional Service Business Owned by the Parties and Alimony

    The couple had a long-term marriage with long-term conflicts. Husband had a good business he had built up. Wife had been a stay-at-home Mom. The children were grown and she was ready to start a new career, but needed alimony to help her until she got financially on her feet. Read On

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