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Case Studies

Career Change, Relocation, Sharing Parenting Time

This was a couple of professionals who worked for the same company for several years. They have two young children.

We had to resolve issues about a career change and starting a new business for one party, which meant a temporary reduction in income, a dispute over where the parties (and children) could live and how to share time with the kids. One parent wanted to move away. 

Utilizing the neutral child specialist, who was also a therapist, we were able to explore various options until the parties were able to come to agreements on a plan for sharing time with the kids. The parent who wanted to move away didn't get to move as far as they wanted, but was still able to move out of county, but not too far to allow frequent contact with the other parent.

 With the help of the neutral financial advisor, we came to  an equitable division of the assets and plans to pay on the accumulated debts. 

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