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Woman Marries 23 Times

Feb. 21, 2009

James J. Gross, of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier, has a knack for finding interesting and offbeat stories that relate to marriage and divorce. I have reprinted the following item from his blog which got the information from nbcchicago.com. The story about a true believer is really appropriate for the Valentine Day season .

“Linda Wolfe of Indiana, born Linda Lou Taylor 68 years ago, holds the Guinness world record for being the most married woman in history. She's said ‘I do' 23 times, according to Matt Bartosik writing for the NBC affiliate in Chicago.

“Linda's first husband was George Scott in 1957 when she was 16 and he was 31. This was her longest marriage which lasted seven years.

“Her shortest marriage was for 36 hours to Fred Chadwick.

“In 1996, as part of a publicity stunt, Linda married Glynn ‘Scotty' Wolfe in Arizona. Scotty was the most married man in the world. Linda was wife number 29 for him. But Scotty died the next year.

“'I would get married again,' Linda told The Indianapolis Star.

Do you know anyone who can top that?