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What's the Quickest Way to Get a Divorce?

Feb. 14, 2021

For a quick divorce, I suggest three things that are actually interrelated. They all play out after the initial 60-day waiting period is up.

1. Do it by agreement. Once the 60-day waiting period is up, you can get the divorce granted right away if everyone is agreed and the paperwork is done. Be forewarned, getting an agreement probably means compromise.

2. If you have to negotiate to get an agreement, Collaborative Law is the best way to negotiate. It creates less animosity and allows for creative solutions that benefit both parties.

3. Plan ahead. This is obviously a general idea, but it's relevant. If you just suddenly decide you want a divorce, you still have a lot of preparation to do. If you are seriously thinking about a divorce, do some research.

Check on what process would work best for you: Negotiation - Mediation - Litigation - Collaborative Law. Find lawyers who specialize in each.

Some lawyers prefer court hearings over negotiations, mediation or Collaborative Law. Choose an attorney whose preference matches yours. Some focus on settling outside of court.

Bottom Line: Think and look before you leap!