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Misconception: If We Could Come to Agreement, We Would Have Already Done So

April 1, 2021

A common misconception in divorcing couples is thinking, "if agreements were possible, we would have already settled the case".

Actually, with Collaborative Divorce or even mediation, people learn that even difficult issues can be resolved with some effort. Here are three reasons why that is the case:

1. With help from the attorneys, parties can learn new ideas about issues and options. Most people going through a divorce approach the process with a mindset that they have tried everything they can think of. And they may have. However, they usually haven't thought of everything. There are many paths to successful settlement.

2. In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties work with neutral professionals. These are experienced experts in their fields who are great at guiding and helping parties reach agreements. They become a source of information the parties didn't have before.

3. The parties learn to improve their communication skills. One of the biggest sources or triggers of conflict in a marriage is bad communication. The neutral communication coach, as well as the other professionals, is normally a great help for the parties to do a better job of communicating with each other.

With all this help from a team of professionals, no wonder Collaborative Divorces are so successful.